Raw Food Agrobusiness S.R.L.

We are a Peruvian company that markets grains, legumes and corn from different parts of Peru. Working hand in hand with different farmers associations. Which allows us to have Healthy, High Quality and High Nutritional Value products.

The numbers speak about our work.

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At Raw Food, we are governed by fundamental values. Environmental responsibility is paramount; We offer training for sustainable agricultural practices.


We have a responsibility to the environment. For this reason we provide training for crop management and pest control so that they are sustainable over time.


We know that trust is an essential factor for day-to-day work, that is why we believe that trust is built by leading us to have a relationship of trust.


Our business experience allows us to fully guarantee compliance with all sales contracts.

Promote, produce, develop and market sustainably organic, natural, nutritious and quality products that contribute to the health and well-being of consumers; providing development opportunities for our employees, community and strategic partners.

To be a company that creates the best value for our suppliers, customers, collaborators and government.


Process Line


Constant work is carried out alongside farmers to provide a high quality product with high nutritional values.


Raw materials enter our plants under strict quality, weight and packaging controls.


Permanent controls are carried out to verify compliance with the physicochemical, organoleptic, microbiological and purity requirements of the product.


We offer different options in packaging materials and weights.


We fill the container so that the truck takes our products to the sea port.


We reach any part of the world.